Well well well…

So the last time i was telling you about aaaaaallll those weirdos.

From there, we have some progresses. It’s about HE. The, so far, Love of My Life. Which i use to call, but is not…he’s a fuckboy, and yeah i kinda love the idea of him.

So i have been pretty clear about the “pay me a taxi” thing, and he understood. And honestly, the fact i found the courage to step out like that, helped a lot about how do i feel when it comes to him. After texting him, i was kinda afraid he wouldn’t have texted me back. And i was afraid of that.

The day after, i realized that fear was lead by a “useless necessity” to have him. And day by day i started feeling better. I said to myself: “u deserve to be respected Chris, if someone get mad because u want respect, erase them. You don’t need this”.

He texted me anyway, we met again and have been amazing. He kissing my forehead, he hugging me, we talking about deep things, watched few things, spent hours together.

The thing is that i could really feel the deep of hugging, caressing and kissing. It was like he really meant that. Like he was feeling something.

I know he does, anyway…and most probably he’s scared…but still, i ain’t got time for scared men.

At the same time, it’s true: i want the benefit of a relationship but not the struggle. And possibly, my baddest bitch has right: even if HE would be perfect, i wont give a chance. So, i guess i have to accept the fact that i am my first issue, when it comes to a relationship. And keep living what i have with HIM, in the way it is.

He will, anyway, leave Dublin soon…that day will be the worse day of my life, but still, i should not think about it now. Now its time to think at the great things universe is giving me.

Lets switch to the Tinder guy.

Which i met. Very interesting guy. Sex at the second appointment, great sex actually. We meet like once a week since then, we fuck, he dress up and goes away. Which is the best way not to feel feelings.

So, at this point, so far, this is my life. Still a mess.

My baddest bitch come to say hi, from Italy.

My bday will be in 2 days and i will be, finally, 33. The age of god.

So far, everything is LIT!



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